Exploding Head Movies Episode January 14, 2013

XHM #149 - "Half a decade in the zoo with half a clue" (2013 January 14)

7:30am - 9:04am

If you've been relying on the podcast devotedly, you'll notice a gap in episodes. That would mark the Mayan apocalypse that was the server dying. The episodes that aired during that time should soon be available via www.mixcloud.com/xhm

Happy birthday to the squirrels inside the host's head that operate the controls and best of luck to all the Oscar nominees.

1, 2, 3, 4, ....

1. Björk: 5 Years (Homogenic, 1997) One Little Indian
2. Gak Sato: Penetrare [Kid Loco's Belleville B-Boy mix] (Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches, 1999) Yellow/Atlantic
3. The Mouthbreathers: Birthdays (Appetite for Deconstruction, 2012) Killer Haze
4. Tom Waits: Jockey Full of Bourbon (Rain Dogs, 1985) Island
FIVE! Mantrakid: The Imp (Dragon Lullabies, 2012) Neferiu
6. Belong: Perfect Life (Common Era, 2011) Kranky
7. Mean Red Spiders: Belle Elmore (Places You Call Home, 1998) Teenage USA
8. Four Tet: Everything is Alright (Pause, 2001) Domino
9. Adam and the Amethysts: Drinking in LA (You're Related: Volume 1 - Montreal Artists covering Montreal Artists, 2012) CJLO
10. Mitch Hedberg: Bed and Breakfast [excerpt] (Mitch All Together, 2003) Comedy Central
11. Primal Scream: I'm 5 Years Ahead of My Time (Accelerator single, 2000) Creation
12. Kuedo: Onset [Escapism] (Severant, 2011) Planet Mu
13. Crystal Castles: Telepath (III, 2012) Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic
14. Purity Ring: Crawlersout (Shrines, 2012) Last Gang/4AD
15. Lymbyc Systym: Prairie School (Symbolyst, 2012) Western Vinyl
16. Julie Doiron: Cars + Trucks (So Many Days, 2012) Aporia
17. Vivian Girls: I Have No Fun (Everything Goes Wrong, 2009) In the Red
18. The Ridiculous Trio: No Fun (Play the Stooges, 2004) self-released
19. Vitalic: No Fun (OK Cowboy, 2005) Different/PIAS
20. Boots Electric: No Ffun (Honkey Kong, 2011) Dangerbird
21. Bruce Mitchell: Servomotion 1 (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
22. The Ravi Shankar Project: West Eats Meat [excerpt] (Tana Mana, 1987) Private Music
23. Mychael Danna: Richard Parker (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
24. Mychael Danna: Appa's Lesson (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
25. Mychael Danna: Leaving India (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
26. Mychael Danna: Pi's Lullaby [w.Bombay Jayashri] (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
27. Mychael Danna: The Deepest Spot on Earth (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
28. Mychael Danna: First Night, First Day (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
29. Mychael Danna: The Whale (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
30. Mychael Danna: Which Story Do You Prefer? (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
31. Mychael Danna: Meeting Krishna (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
32. Mychael Danna: God Storm (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical

When I was five years old, I was always banging my head on the upper cupboards as I propelled myself to the counter from the ground.