Exploding Head Movies Episode October 8, 2012

XHM #136 - "You got your good thing" (2012 October 08)

7:29am - 9:02am

Happy Columbus Day, America! Why didn't you roast any turkey?
...oh yeah.

And the man in the planet pulls the first lever, playing:

1. The Pixies: In Heaven (Live in New York City: December 14, 2004) self-released
2. Moggi: Soundmaker Blues (Tra Scienza a Fantascienza, 1976) Omicron
3. Bruce McCulloch: Eraserhead (Shame-Based Man, 1995) Atlantic
4. Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson: Gothic Submarines (The Tomorrow People: Original Television Music, 2006) Trunk
5. Robert Fripp & Brian Eno: The Heavenly Music Corporation (No Pussyfooting, 1973) Island
6. Les Hurdle: Offbeat (Pulse of Events, 1976) Themes International
7. Burial: Kindred (Kindred EP, 2012) Hyperdub
8. The Vampires of Dartmoore: Tanz der Vampire (Dracula's Music Cabinet, 1969) Metronome
9. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse: Dark Night of the Soul [w.David Lynch] (Dark Night of the Soul, 2009) Parlophone/EMI
10. David Lynch: Pinky's Dream [w.Karen O] (Crazy Clown Time, 2011) Sunday Best
11. David Lynch: Ghost of Love (Inland Empire OST, 2011) self-released
12. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Dream Machine (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
13. Peter Ivers: In Heaven [The Lady in the Radiator Song] (Eraserhead OST 7", 2012) Sacred Bones
14. Combustible Edison: Carnival of Souls (I, Swinger, 1994) Sub Pop
15. David Lynch & Alan R. Splet: Eraserhead, Part 1 [w/Fats Waller's "Digah Stomp", "Lenox Avenue Blues", "Stompin' the Bug" & "Messin' Around with the Blues"] (Eraserhead OST, 2012) Sacred Bones
16. Peter Ivers: Pete's Boogie (Eraserhead OST 7", 2012) Sacred Bones
17. Birchville Cat Motel: Gunpowder Temple of Heaven [excerpt] (Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, 2008) Pica Disk

Everything is fine.