Exploding Head Movies Episode July 16, 2012

XHM #124 - "Buttermilk junction" (2012 July 16)

7:30am - 9:01am

There's well over forty(?) songs on this podcast, so I'll be quiet up here.

1. Florence + the Machine: Dog Days are Over (Lungs, 2009) Island
2. Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Magilla Gorilla Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
3. DJ Food & The Pointer Sisters: Pinball Number Count (Pinball Number Count 12", 2003) Ninja Tune
4. Boba Fettucini: Hello Friends/123 Robot Friends/Biz's Beat of the Day & More (Yo Gabba Gabba Breaks LP, 2011) Mon Mothma
5. Ratatat: Party with Children (LP4, 2010) XL
6. Hot Hot Heat: Time to Go Outdoors (Yo Gabba Gabba Music is Awesome! Volume 2, 2010) Filter
7. Tom Waits: Children's Story (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 2006) Anti-
8. Unknown Inuit DJ: You are My Sunshine (She Be She Strike, 1982) independent
9. The Scaffold: Lily the Pink (Hello Children Everywhere, 1968) EMI
10. Max Bygraves: You're a Pink Toothbrush (Hello Children Everywhere, 1969) EMI
11. Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Quick Draw McGraw Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
12. Leroy Shield: The Good Old Days [The Little Rascals Theme] (Television's Greatest Hits of the '50s and '60s, 1930) TVT
13. Burl Ives: Fooba Wooba John (Fantastic Mr Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
14. The Choir of Downside School in Purley: Songs from "Friday Afternoons" - Cuckoo! (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
15. Tex Ritter: Big Rock Candy Mountain (Hello Children Everywhere, 1947) EMI
16. Ted Atking & Alain Feanch: Childrens Carnival (Electronic Toys: A Retrospective of '70s Synthesizer Music, 1996) QDK
17. Nathan: Compound Eyes (Somebody Needs a Timeout, 2002) Campfire
18. Hey Ocean! Bicycle (IS, 2012) self-released
19. Kid Koala & Lederhosen Lucil: Fruit Belt (See You on the Moon, 2006) Paperbag
20. Apostle of Hustle: 24 Robbers (See You on the Moon, 2006) Paperbag
21. Hoyt Curtin, Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Augie Doggie Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
22. Mrs Belaire's 2nd grade class of 1990, Ottawa Elementary School, Buchanan, Michigan: Particle Man (Then: The Earlier Years, 1997) Restless
23. They Might Be Giants: Space Suit (Apollo 18, 1992) Elektra
24. They Might Be Giants: Where Do They Make Balloons? [w.Danny Weinkauf] (No!, 2002) Idlewild/Rounder
25. They Might Be Giants: Go for G! (Here Come the ABCs, 2004) Idlewild/Disney
26. Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Snooper Blabber Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
27. Will.i.am: Theme from Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
28. James L Venable: The Story of the Past (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
29. James L Venable: Aku Battle (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
30. James L Venable: Jack Does Some Chopping (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
31. James L Venable: Egypt, Greece, England (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
32. James L Venable: Mongolia to China (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
33. James L Venable: Tibet Where Jack Ends (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
34. Juan Erlando & his Latin Band: Jungle Baby (Music for Dancefloors: The Cream of the KPM Music Green Library, 2000) Strut
35. Space Ghost: The Cartoon Planet Story (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
36. Space Ghost: Hero in His Own Mind, Pt 1 (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
37. Brak: Soup on a Stick (Brak presents The Brak Show starring Brak, 2000) Rhino
38. Space Ghost: Something That Rhymes with Bones (Surf & Turf, 1998) Rhino
39. Brak: What Day is It (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
40. Brak: Can't Stop Laughing (Surf & Turf, 1998) Rhino
41. Brak: School Daze - Toothbrush (Surf & Turf, 1998) Rhino
42. The Neil Cowley Trio: Pinball Number Count [jazz version] (Sesame Beat, 2012) bootleg
43. Brak: Bye-bye, Goodbye, Goodbye Everybody (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
44. Duplex: Figure 8 [excerpt, like beyond short] (Ablum, 2005) Mint