Exploding Head Movies Episode July 2, 2012

XHM #122 - "Batting .000 or infinity" (2012 July 02)

7:30am - 9:03am

For the record, Vancouver is hording all the cold grey clouds with the precious water everyone else needs. We apparently don't want our craptastic spring to ever end.

O the glorious tunes presented:

1. Radio Station WWV: Leap Second Notice [June 30, 1992] (At the Tone: A Little History of NIST Radio Stations WWV & WWVH, 2008) Obscure Disk
2. Count Basie Orchestra & Taps Miller: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? (Shoutin' Blues, 1949) RCA/Victor
3. Trevor Bastow: Rundown (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
4. Trevor Bastow: Disco Data Link 1 (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
5. Chromatics: Into the Black (Kill for Love, 2012) Italians Do It Better
6. Patti Smith: After the Gold Rush (Banga, 2012) Columbia
7. Trevor Bastow: Scenic Route (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
8. Icons of Andria: The Universal Way (The Universal Way, 2012) self-released
9. Suuns: Sweet Nothing (Zeroes QC, 2010) Secretly Canadian
10. Trevor Bastow: Happy Heart (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
11. Clinic: Evelyn (Bubblegum, 2010) Domino
12. The Detroit Executives: Cool Off (Once Upon a Time in Wigan: Volume 2, 1968) BBE
13. David Gold: Let's Get Success (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
14. ESG: Dance (Come Away with ESG, 1983) 99
15. Maestro Fresh-Wes: On the Jazz Tip (The Black Tie Affair, 1991) Attic
16. The Beastie Boys: Peanut Butter and Jelly (Body Movin' single, 1998) Capitol
17. The Pharcyde: Passin' Me By (Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, 1992) Delicious Vinyl
18. The Slakadeliqs: Perfect Summer Night [w.Tingsek] (The Other Side of Tomorrow, 2012) Do Right Music
19. Soulwax: Dance 2 Slow (Any Minute Now, 2004) PIAS
20. Cadence Weapon: Conditioning (Hope in Dirt City, 2012) Upper Class
21. Wordburglar: Maxi Single (Rhyme o'Clock EP, 2012) URBNET/self-released
22. Stefano Torossi: Flying High (Feelings, 1974) Conroy
23. Cibo Matto: Sugar Water (Viva! La Woman, 1996) Warner Bros
24. Sandro Brugnolini: Balenottera (Flipper Psychout, 1970) Vampi Soul
25. Michael Brook: sug1sc1 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
26. Michael Brook: sug3sc3 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
27. Michael Brook: sug4sc4 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
28. Michael Brook: sug4sc5 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
29. Michael Brook: sug4sc6part1 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
30. Michael Brook: sug4sc6part2 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
31. Michael Brook: sug5sc8 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
32. Michael Brook: sug5sc10 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
33. Roxy Music: Love is the Drug (Siren, 1975) Island/Atco

I miss the summer heat.

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Happy birthday, country.