Exploding Head Movies Episode May 21, 2012

XHM #116 - "Tearin' out the shag carpet and bustin' out memorials" (2012 May 21)

7:25am - 8:59am

Hope your Queen Vicky's went well despite the rain. Rumour is that clouds protected us from a solar eclipse, so beware of the apocalypse where the sun broke through to this cracked earth. There's been a vague French theme creeping up as of late, hasn't there? It won't abate anytime soon, for the record.

Un, deux, trois, quatre!

1. Harry Forbes? Theme from Magic Shadows (1974) TVO
2. Ty Segall: My Head Explodes (Goodbye Bread, 2011) Drag City
3. Barry Grey Orchestra: Main Theme from Joe 90 (This is Cult Fiction, 1968) Circa
4. Donna Summer: Spring Affair (Four Seasons of Love, 1976) Casablanca
5. The Bee Gees: New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Bee Gees' 1st, 1967) Polydor
6. Mandingo: Black Rite (Tiger in the Night, 1977) Music for Pleasure
7. Liars: Proud Evolution (Sisterworld, 2010) Mute
8. Apollo Ghosts: I'm in Love with the USA (Landmark, 2012) You've Changed
9. Eagles of Death Metal: Wannabe in LA (Death by Sexy, 2008) Downtown
10. Mandingo: Jungle Juice (Tiger in the Night, 1977) Music for Pleasure
11. Zeus: Are You Gonna Waste My Time? (Busting Visions, 2012) Arts & Crafts
12. Catl: Get Outta My Car (Soon This Will All Be Gone, 2012) Weewerk
13. Weed: Tie to Everything You Own (Gun Control EP, 2012) Cruising USA/Green Burrito
14. Mandingo: Sacrifice (Tiger in the Night, 1977) Music for Pleasure
15. Disappears: Halo (Guider, 2011) Kranky
16. The Flaming Lips: 2012 [You Must be Upgraded, w.Ke$ha & Biz Markie] (The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, 2012) Warner Bros/Lovely Sorts of Death
17. Booker T & the MG's: Time is Tight (Up Tight, 1969) Stax
18. Sam & Dave: Hold On, I'm Comin' (Hold On, I'm Comin', 1966) Stax
19. Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers: Bustin' Loose (Bustin' Loose, 1979) Source
20. Booker T & the MG's: Soul Limbo (Soul Limbo, 1968) Stax
21. Mayer Hawthorne: Don't Turn the Lights On (Impressions: The Covers EP, 2011) Stones Throw
22. Mandingo: The Man from Takoradi (Tiger in the Night, 1977) Music for Pleasure
23. Lee Gagnon: Theme from Jérémie [Les filles de joie, le souteneur] (Jérémie OST, 1973) Opus
24. Lee Gagnon: Reve L'amour Absolu (Jérémie OST, 1973) Opus
25. Lee Gagnon: Joie (Jérémie OST, 1973) Opus
26. Mandingo: Manhunter (Tiger in the Night, 1977) Music for Pleasure
27. Donna Summer: I Feel Love [12" edit] (I Feel Love 12", 1976) Casablanca

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