Exploding Head Movies Episode April 16, 2012

XHM #111 - "This podcast will self-destruct....at any given moment" (2012 April 16)

7:32am - 9:06am

Originally, Schifrin's score for Bullitt was going to be in the mix here, but as the show unfolded and then Gavin appeared with his anecdote about meeting the Argentine composer, the show changed into a different beast.

Maybe now's the time to consider moving the profiles up sooner in the show. Some ponderin' material there.

Anyways, your mission:

1. Lalo Schifrin: Theme from Mannix (Television's Greatest Hits of the '50s and '60s, 1969) TVT
2. Chromatics: Lady (Kill for Love, 2012) Italians Do It Better
3. Lalo Schifrin: Blues-a-Go-Go (Inflight Entertainment, 1996) Deram
4. Ashford & Simpson: Street Corner [NELUE edit] (Match Of The Month: Spain vs Brazil, 2011) Groove Democracy
5. Stumbleine: More Than Words (Drifting Youth, 2012) self-released
6. Alan Moorehouse: Expo in Tokyo (Music for Dancefloors: The Cream of the KPM Library, 2000) Strut
7. Al Lover: Sweet Breathing & Release (Satanic Tambourines, 2012) Impose
8. Nerves Junior: Champagne & Peaches (As Bright as Your Night Light, 2011) SonaBLAST!
9. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: A Chance Meeting on Some Swings (Double Happiness OST, 1995) Malofilm
10. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Drain My Second Date (Double Happiness OST, 1995) Malofilm
11. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Honey You're Wasting Ammo Again [excerpt] (Double Happiness OST, 1995) Malofilm
12. Porcelain Raft: Talk to Me [Babe Rainbow remix] (Gone Blind remixes, 2011) Acéphale
13. Kwes: Get Up (Get Up single, 2011) Warp
14. Brian Wade: Pathway (Way Ahead, 2004) Bruton
15. Battles: Inchworm (Gloss Drop, 2011) Warp
16. Tom Waits: Hell Broke Luce (Bad as Me, 2011) ANTI-
17. Jessica Paré: Zou Bisou Bisou (Zou Bisou Bisou single, 2012) Lionsgate
18. James Taylor Quartet: The Cat (Mission Impossible, 1987) Re-elect the President
19. Lalo Schifrin: Theme from Mission: Impossible (Music From Mission: Impossible, 1967) Dot
20. Lalo Schifrin: Tiger Tank (Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds OST, 2009) A Band Apart/Warner Bros/Maverick
21. Lalo Schifrin: Prémices D'Une Découverte/Searching and Detecting (Les Félins OST, 1964) Universal France
22. Lalo Schifrin: Poursuite Méditerranéenne/Mediterranean Chase (Les Félins OST, 1964) Universal France
23. Lalo Schifrin: Générique Fin/End Title from Les Felines (Les Félins OST, 1964) Universal France
24. Jimmy Smith: Theme from Joy House (Les Félins OST, 1964) Universal France
25. Lalo Schifrin: Plastic Jesus (Cool Hand Luke OST, 1967) Dot
26. Lalo Schifrin: Main Title from Cool Hand Luke (Cool Hand Luke OST, 1967) Dot
27. Lalo Schifrin: Tar Sequence (Cool Hand Luke OST, 1967) Dot
28. Lalo Schifrin: Egg Eating Contest (Cool Hand Luke OST, 1967) Dot
29. Lalo Schifrin: Bean Time (Cool Hand Luke OST, 1967) Dot
30. Lalo Schifrin: Ballad of Cool Hand Luke (Cool Hand Luke OST, 1967) Dot

If you or your agents get caught listening to this podcast, deny all knowledge and confess nothing. The Exploding Head Movement will never of heard of you. Nope sir.

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