Exploding Head Movies Episode February 27, 2012

XHM #104 - "Slow dance within the quarantine" (2012 February 27)

7:36am - 9:14am

Why doesn't Emma Stone host the Oscars next year? Or Christopher Plummer? Miles more charm in both their pinkies than anyone else combined.

And the nominees for this week's podcast are:

I Alberto Ginastera: Estancia, Opus 8 (The Artist OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
II Howard Shore: The Clocks (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
III Brussels Philharmonic: The Artist Overture (The Artist OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
IV Brussels Philharmonic: 1927, A Russian Affair (The Artist OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
V Ludovic Bource: The Sound of Tears (The Artist OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
VI Jason Segal, Bill Barretta, Peter Linz & Jim Parsons: Man or Muppet (The Muppets OST, 2011) Universal
VII Lee Fields & The Expressions: My World [instrumental] (My World: Instrumentals, 2011) Truth & Soul
VIII The National: Think You Can Wait (Win Win OST, 2011) Mom + Pop
IX The National: Exile Vilify (Portal 2 OVST, 2011) Bug Music
X Massive Attack: Exchange (Mezzanine, 1998) Virgin
XI Jonathan Coulton: Still Alive [w.Sara Quin] (Artificial Heart, 2011) Jocoserious
XII Atlas Sound: Doldrums (Parallax, 2011) 4AD
XIII The Mulcays & Their Electric Harmonicas: Caravan (Phonoanomalies: A Totally New Recording for Hi-Fi Bugs, 1954) Lo Bue
XIV Prefuse 73: The Only Trial of 9000 Suns [w.Trish Keenan] (The Only She Chapters, 2011) Warp
XV Islands: This is Not a Song (A Sleep & A Forgetting, 2012) ANTI-
XVI Tom Hazleton & Gene Ciszek: Caravan (Phonoanomalies: A Totally New Recording for Hi-Fi Bugs, 1967) Lo Bue
XVII Women: Untogether (Public Strain, 2010) Flemish Eye
XVIII Wye Oak: Dogs Eyes (Civilian, 2011) Merge
XIX Arthur Lyman: Caravan (Ocean's 11 OST, 2001) Warner Bros
XX Bry Webb: Undertaker (Provider, 2011) Idée Fixe
XXI Cliff Martinez: Placebo (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXII Cliff Martinez: I'm Sick (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXIII Cliff Martinez: They're Calling My Flight (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXIV Cliff Martinez: The Birds are Doing That (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXV Cliff Martinez: Don't Tell Anyone (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXVI Cliff Martinez: They Didn't Touch Me (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXVII Cliff Martinez: Handshake (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXVIII Cliff Martinez: Contagion (Contagion OST, 2011) Watertower
XXIX Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: Oraculum (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo OST, 2011) The Null Corporation

Call the accountants!

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