Exploding Head Movies Episode January 23, 2012

XHM #99 - "The residents of Komodo would like a word with you" (2012 January 23)

7:29am - 9:02am

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Let the Year of the Water Dragon start with fireworks, just none from CD Player 1. Fizzzz...

Music please///

1. Stu Phillips, Dana Kaproff & Johnnie Spence: The Dragon's Challenge (The Amazing Spider-Man: Music from the CBS TV Series 1978-9, 1978) CBS
2. Little Dragon: Ritual Union (Ritual Union, 2011) Peacefrog
3. Dennis Coffey: Theme from Enter the Dragon (Instant Coffey, 1974) Sussex
4. Sleigh Bells: Comeback Kid (Reign of Terror, 2012) Mom & Pop
5. The Pack AD: Sirens (Unpersons, 2011) Mint
6. The Luyas: Cold Canada (Too Beautiful to Work, 2011) Dead Oceans
7. Gotye: I Feel Better (Making Mirrors, 2011) Samples n'Seconds
8. The Weeknd: Montreal (Echoes of Silence, 2011) self-released
9. Wordburglar: Forward Front Racer (forthcoming, 2012) unreleased
10. Childish Gambino: Outside (Camp, 2011) Glassnote
11. Anamanaguchi: Twin Dragons (Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game OVST, 2010) ABKCO
12. Azealia Banks: 212 (212 single, 2011) self-released
13. Tycho: Cascade (Ghostly Swim, 2008) Ghostly International
14. Thundercat: For Love I Come (The Golden Age of Apocalypse, 2011) Brainfeeder
15. Jimmy Castor Bunch: Troglodyte [Cave Man] (It's Just Begun, 1972) RCA
16. The Johnny Otis Show: Country Girl (Cold Shot!, 1968) Kent
17. The Johnny Otis Show: The Watts Breakaway (Cuttin' Up, 1970) Epic
18. The Johnny Otis Orchestra: Harlem Nocturne (Harlem Nocturne 78, 1945) Savoy
19. Etta James: A Sunday Kind of Love (At Last!, 1961) Argo/Chess
20. Beats Antique: Skytalk (Elektrafone, 2011) Antique
21. John Powell: Dragon Training (How to Train Your Dragon OST, 2010) Varèse Sarabande
22. Chris Bacon: Eight Minutes (Source Code OST, 2011) Lakeshore
23. Chris Bacon: Piecing It Together (Source Code OST, 2011) Lakeshore
24. Chris Bacon: Colter Follows Derek (Source Code OST, 2011) Lakeshore
25. Jack Parnell & His Orchestra: Theme from Enter the Dragon (The Sound Gallery: Volume 2, 1996) Scamp/EMI
26. Stu Phillips, Dana Kaproff & Johnnie Spence: Dragon's Challenge End Theme (The Amazing Spider-Man: Music from the CBS TV Series 1978-9, 1978) CBS

Wait, did someone say "dragon"?