Exploding Head Movies Episode October 24, 2011

XHM #87 - "A thousand flowers could bloom" (2011 October 24)

7:32am - 9:02am

Prerecorded and somehow sounding far better than during the recording phase.

The procession follows:

1. Lalo Schifrin: Danube Incident (More Mission: Impossible OST, 1968) Paramount
2. Portishead: Hunter (Third, 2008) Island
3. Jimmy McGriff: Tight Times (Electric Funk, 1969) Blue Note
4. Mondkopf: The Song of Shadows (Rising Doom, 2011) Fool House/In Paradisum
5. The Juan Maclean: Everybody Get Close (Everybody Get Close, 2011) DFA
6. Mirror to Mirror: Moment of Clarity (Here You Leave Today, 2011) Cylindrical Habitat Modules/Jugular Forest
7. The Field: Then It's White (Looping State of Mind, 2011) Kompakt
8. Burial: Shell of Light [Shlohmo remix] (Soundcloud, 2011) self-released
9. Robert Drasnin: Desiree (Voodoo, 1960) Tops/Dionsys
10. Alan Hawkshaw: Strangelands (The Road Forward, 1977) KPM
11. The Chaquito Big Band: Theme from "They Call Me Mr Tibbs" (Inflight Entertainment, 1996) Deram
12. Beak>: Welcome to the Machine (Wish You Were Here Again, 2011) Mojo
13. Portishead: Deep Water (Third, 2008) Island
14. Portishead: Theme from "To Kill a Dead Man" (Sour Times single, 1994) Go!/London
15. Portishead: Toy Box (Glory Box single, 1995) Go!/London
16. Portishead: Strangers (Roseland NYC [Live], 1998) Go!/London
17. Portishead: Half Day Closing (Portishead, 1997) Go!/London
18. Portishead: Un Jour Comme un Autre [Requiem for Anna] (Mnsr Gainsbourg Revisited, 2006) Virgin/Verve
19. Portishead: Silence (Third, 2008) Island

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