Exploding Head Movies Episode September 5, 2011

XHM LXXX - "We were promised smooth sailing" (2011 September 05)

7:33am - 9:03am

Originally this show was going to be purely yacht rock and other smooth sounds, but things tilted to a sinister direction before long. Not sure if Krajčová will appear properly in iTunes, but that's the full diacritical spelling. Wasn't she charming?

What I think we played:

1. Roxy Music: Avalon (Avalon, 1982) Warner Bros
2. David Gold: Forbidden Fruit (Time To Fly: KPM 1000 Series Compilation 1970-76 [Remastered], 2010) KPM
3. Holy Ghost!: Some Children [w.Michael McDonald] (Holy Ghost!, 2011) DFA
4. Cass McCombs: County Line (Wit's End, 2011) Domino
5. Alan Hawkshaw: Cruising (The Road Forward, 1977) KPM
6. Destroyer: Savage Night at the Opera (Kaputt, 2011) Merge
7. Bon Iver: Beth/Rest (Bon Iver, 2011) Jagjaguwar
8. Alberto Baldan Bembo: Trops (Easy Tempo, 1999) ESL
9. Air: Alone in Kyoto (Lost in Translation OST, 2003) Emperor Norton
10. Air: J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau (Premiers Symptômes, 1999) Astralwerks
11. Air: Talisman (Moon Safari, 1998) Astralwerks
12. Air: Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
13. Air: Cemetary Party (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
14. Air: Dark Messages (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
15. Air: Empty House (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
16. Air: Dead Bodies (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
17. Air: Playground Love [vibraphone version] (The Virgin Suicides [Score, Japanese version], 2000) Astralwerks
18. The Tallest Man on Earth: Kids on the Run (The Wild Hunt, 2010) Dead Oceans
19. Javier Navarrete: Not Human (Pan's Labyrinth OST, 2006) Milan
20. Javier Navarrete: Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Pan's Labyrinth OST, 2006) Milan
21. David Darling: Darkwood IV: Dawn, In Motion, Journey (Dark Wood, 1993) ECM

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