Exploding Head Movies Episode June 20, 2011

XHM LXX - "Double-crossed lovers, tender amongst the ruins" (2011 June XX)

7:31am - 9:03am

Well, this city certainly made a mess of itself. Kudos again to those who helped tidy this town up, yielding brooms instead of crowbars.

This is your lawful assembly.

1. [field recording] VPD & the Unlawful Assembly @ Richards/Dunsmuir (2011 June 15, 10:00pm)
2. Flying Lotus: Riot (Los Angeles, 2008) Warp
3. Eddie Beram: Riot in Thunder Alley (Death Proof OST, 1967) Warner Bros/Maverick
4. Shane Turner Overdrive: Riots of Spring (Shane Turner Overdrive, 2010) self-released
5. The Go! Team: Buy Nothing Day [w.Bethany Cosentino] (Rolling Blackouts, 2010) Memphis Industries
6. Lykke Li: Get Some (Wounded Rhymes, 2011) LL
7. Blockhead: Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer? (The Music Scene, 2009) Ninja Tune
8. Cibo Matto: Know Your Chicken (Viva! La Woman, 1996) Warner Bros
9. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx: My Cloud (We're New Here, 2011) XL
X Jamie xx: Far Nearer (Far Nearer single, 2011) Numbers
11. The Knife: The Height of Summer (Tomorrow, in a Year, 2010) Rabid
12. Kellarissa: Moon of Neptune (Moon of Neptune, 2011) Mint
13. The Krays: We're Ready When You Are [w.Ebony Bones] (We're Ready When You Are single, 2010) Abracada
14. Two Fingers: Fools (Ninja Tune XX, 2010) Ninja Tune
15. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Anger [Original movement, edit by Fernando Aponte] (Anger/Grief, 1998) Ninja Tune
16. Alexandre Desplat: River (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
17. Alexandre Desplat: Emergence of Life (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
18. Alexandre Desplat: City of Glass (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
19. Alexandre Desplat: Good & Evil (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
XX Jaga Jazzist: Toccata (One Armed Bandit, 2010) Ninja Tune

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