Exploding Head Movies Episode April 18, 2011

XHM #63 - "Hitgirl on patrol" (2011 April 18)

7:21am - 9:02am

I sounded surprisingly fine for the first bike ride to the station of the year. The West 29th route is monstrous at times; it'll take some time to adjust.

One anecdote I forgot to share: The 1996 Chemical Brothers tour was one of the loudest things I had experienced until the My Bloody Valentine reunion. My ears rang for four days, hence why I wear earplugs whenever I can.

Songs? Songs...after a bit of silence.

1. The Luyas: Too Beautiful to Work (Too Beautiful to Work, 2011) Idee Fixe/Dead Oceans
2. No Gold: Mood Hut (No Gold, 2011) Unfamiliar
3. 23 Skidoo: Coup (Coup 12", 1983) Illuminated Records
4. Justice: Civilization (Civilization single, 2011) Ed Banger/Because
5. DVA: Natty (DJ Kicks: Kode9, 2010) !K7
6. Kode9 & the Spaceape: Green Sun (Black Sun, 2011) Hyperdub
7. Pantha du Prince: Lay in a Shimmer (Black Noise, 2010) Rough Trade
8. James Blake: Limit to Your Love (James Blake, 2011) Atlas/A&M
9. Hauschka: Alexanderplatz (Foreign Landscapes, 2010) 130701
10. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: NY is Killing Me (We're New Here, 2011) XL/Young Turks
11. The XX: VCR [Matthew Dear remix] (2010)
12. D*Note: Inquity Worker (Criminal Justice, 1995) Dorado/TVT
13. E-Z Rollers: Walk This Land (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels OST, 1998) Island/Maverick
14. The Chemical Brothers: The Diamond Sky (Let Forever Be single, 1999) Virgin/Astralwerks
15. The Chemical Brothers: Chico's Groove (Exit Planet Dust, 1995) Junior Boys Own/Freestyle Dust
16. The Chemical Brothers: Hanna's Theme [instrumental] (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
17. The Chemical Brothers: Chalice 1 (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
18. The Chemical Brothers: The Sandman (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
19. The Chemical Brothers: Map Sounds/Chalice 2 (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
20. The Chemical Brothers: Bahnhof Rumble (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
21. The Chemical Brothers: Hanna vs Marissa (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
22. The Chemical Brothers: Sun Collapse (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
23. The Chemical Brothers: Escape Wavefold (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
24. The Chemical Brothers: Container Park (Hanna OST, 2011) Back Lot
25. The Chemical Brothers: Pioneer Skies (Come With Us, 2002) Virgin/Astralwerks
26. Spiritualized: I Think I'm in Love [Chemical Brothers vocal remix] (I Think I'm in Love single, 1998) Dedicated

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