Exploding Head Movies Episode April 11, 2011

XHM #62 - "The frets and the valves" (2011 April 11)

7:25am - 9:03am

Greetings from Detroit, a city well worth visiting, so long as you know where not to go.

1. Monster Rally: Swamp (Palm Reader EP, 2010) Bandcamp
2. Doomstar!: Night at the Movies (New Years single, 2011) Grandma & Grandpa
3. The White Stripes: Jimmy the Exploder (The White Stripes, 1999) Sympathy for the Record Industry
4. The White Stripes: Jolene (Hello Operator 7", 2000) Sympathy for the Record Industry
5. The White Stripes: In the Cold Cold Night (Elephant, 2003) V2/XL
6. The Dutchess and the Duke: I Don't Feel Anything (Sunset/Sunrise, 2009) Hardly Art
7. Apollo Ghosts: Validation! (CITR Pop Alliance: Volume 2, 2011) CITR/Mint
8. Chains of Love: You Got It (2011) Bandcamp
9. Slam Dunk: Bleacher Lovin' (The Shivers, 2011) Bandcamp
10. Sloan: Unkind (The Double Cross, 2011) Outside Music/Yep Roc
11. Telekinesis!: Please Ask for Help (12 Desperate Straight Lines, 2011) Merge
12. Dungen: Marken Lag Stilla (Skit I Allt, 2010) Subliminal Sounds/Mexican Summer
13. Tame Impala: Desire Be, Desire Go (Innerspeaker, 2010) Modular Recording
14. Dirty Beaches: Lord Knows Best (Badlands, 2011) Zoo Music
15. Fleet Foxes: Grown Ocean (Helplessness Blues, 2011) Sub Pop/Bella Union
16. Colin Stetson: The Stars in his Head [Dark Lights remix] (New History Warfare Volume 2: Judges, 2011) Constellation
17. Sonic Youth: Stereo Sanctity (Sister, 1987) SST
18. Thurston Moore: Circulation [1st demo] (RQ EQ: Christchurch Earthquake, 2011) Rose Quartz
19. Sonic Youth: Thème de Jérémie (Simon Werner a Disparu OST, 2011) SYR
20. Sonic Youth: Les anges au piano (Simon Werner a Disparu OST, 2011) SYR
21. Sonic Youth: Dans les bois - M Rabier (Simon Werner a Disparu OST, 2011) SYR
22. The Magnificent Sevens: This City (Dirty Roads, 2008) Transistor 66

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