Exploding Head Movies Episode March 28, 2011

XHM LX - "Arsenal & regalia" (2011 March 28)

7:27am - 9:03am

As promised, a longer tribute to Violet Eyes will be due later, along with everything else I've promised. Honestly, I will never run out of material for this show.

Hark! Do you hear birds?

1. Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton: Intro (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Film Play, 1966) Warner Bros
2. Alex North: Main Theme (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? OST, 1966) Warner Bros
3. The Racket: New Boyfriend (New Boyfriend, 2011) self-released
4. Mode Moderne: Les Neuf Soeurs (Ghosts Emerging, 2010) Lust Neuvo
5. Low: Especially Me (C'mon, 2011) Sub Pop
6. Blood Diamonds: Heart (2010) The Pop Manifesto
7. The Weeknd: What You Need (House of Balloons, 2011) self-released
8. Koushik: Be With (Be With, 2010) Stones Throw
9. [field recording] 2 Hydro Pole Woodpeckers (2011 March 25, 8:30am)
10. Warren G & Nate Dogg: Regulate (Above the Rim OST, 1994) Death Row/Interscope
11. Flying Lotus: ...and the World Laughs with You [w.Thom Yorke] (Cosmogramma, 2010) Warp
12. Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke: Ego (Ego/Mirror 12", 2011) Text
13. Burial: NYC (Street Halo EP, 2011) Hyperdub
14. dBridge: Detuned Heart (From the Start 12", 2011) Autonomic
15. Elliot Goldenthal: Entrada & Shootout (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros
16. Elliot Goldenthal: Force Marker (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros
17. Elliot Goldenthal: Coffee Shop (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros
18. Kronos Quartet: Heat (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros
19. Lisa Gerrard: La Bas -- Song of the Drowned [edited] (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros
20. Michael Brook: Ultramarine (Heat OST, 1992) Warner Bros

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