Exploding Head Movies Episode February 7, 2011

XHM #53 - "The mere primitive doctrine" (2011 February 07)

7:31am - 9:03am

I honestly have no idea what day it is anymore. Bob Marley's birthday and the UBC Surf Ibiza Party are far sooner than I stated. At least there were no obits in this episode, a first for 2011, though my life right now involves waiting for other shoes to drop.

More errors galore!

1. Triangle: Générique 1042 [Home Faber] (Anthologie 1969-1974, 1973) Magic
2. Arp: White Light (The Soft Wave, 2010) Smalltown Supersound
3. Stereolab: Two Finger Symphony (Not Music, 2010) Drag City/Duophonic
4. Le Futur Pompiste: Five Hundred Heartbeats (Le Futur Pompiste, 2010) Shelflife
5. Burning Hearts: The Letter (The Letter, 2010) Shelflife
6. Troll Town: Sword & Shield (Chevalier EP, 2010) unsigned
7. Nicolas Jaar: Colomb (Space is Only Noise, 2010) Circus Company
8. James Blake: The Wilhelm Scream (James Blake, 2011) R&S
9. Painted Palms: Falling Asleep (Canopy EP, 2010) self-released
10. Boy Friend: D'Arrest (Boy Friend EP, 2011) self-released
11. No Gold: Rainforts (12", 2011) forthcoming
12. Slam Dunk: Only Fun (The Shivers, 2011) self-released
13. Women: Bullfight (Women/Cold Pumas/Fair Ohs/Friendo, 2011) Faux Discx
14. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers: Sparrow (And Now We Sing, 2010) Oh! Records
15. Robert Plant: Angel Dance (Band of Joy, 2010) Decca/Rounder
16. Gwyneth Paltrow: Country Strong (Country Strong OST, 2010) RCA Nashville
17. Alexandre Desplat: Lionel and Bertie (The King's Speech OST, 2011) Decca/Cutting Edge
18. Terry Davies: Speaking Unto Nations [Beethoven's 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement] (The King's Speech OST, 2011) Decca/Cutting Edge + King George VI: The King to His Peoples (78rpm single, 1939) The Gramophone Co
19. Alexandre Desplat: The King is Dead (The King's Speech OST, 2011) Decca/Cutting Edge
20. Alexandre Desplat: King George VI (The King's Speech OST, 2011) Decca/Cutting Edge
21. Alexandre Desplat: The Royal Household (The King's Speech OST, 2011) Decca/Cutting Edge
22. Alexandre Desplat: The Rehearsal (The King's Speech OST, 2011) Decca/Cutting Edge