Exploding Head Movies Episode January 31, 2011

XHM #52 - "In dreams, nobody loses, nobody leaves" (2011 January 31)

7:29am - 9:02am

This show didn't look anything like this 24 hours ago, but such as it is when someone departs unexpectedly. As mentioned during the show, expect a proper John Barry "wake" once the Oscars are done, with all the highlights you know.


1. Crystal Castles: Not in Love [w.Robert Smith] (Not in Love single, 2010) RCRD LBL
2. Discodeine: Synchronize [w.Jarvis Cocker] (Synchronize single, 2010) DFA
3. Chromeo: Hot Mess [Duck Sauce remix] (2010) self-released
4. Cosmetics: Black Leather Gloves [Premier Rang remake] (Silk Daggers, 2010) Captured Tracks
5. John Barry: Main Title (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
6. John Barry: Meeting with Grantby and Fight (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
7. John Barry: The Death of Carswell (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
8. John Barry: Goodbye Harry (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
9. John Barry: Mind Games (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
10. John Barry: Saturday Night Philosopher (The Chase OST, 1966) Columbia
11. John Barry: What Did I Do Wrong? (The Chase OST, 1966) Columbia
12. John Barry: The Chase (The Chase [remastered] OST, 2004) Columbia
13. John Barry: Play It Again [from "The Tamarind Seed" (Play It Again, 1974) Polydor
14. John Barry: Candle Light (Until September OST, 1984) Intrada
15. John Barry: Main Title (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
16. John Barry: The Convoy (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
17. John Barry: Tom Goes to Cottage (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
18. John Barry: She Moved On (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
19. Édith Piaf: Non, je ne regrette rien (Non, je ne regrette rien, 1961) EMI Columbia
20. Hans Zimmer: Half Remembered Dream (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
21. Hans Zimmer: Dream is Collapsing (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
22. Hans Zimmer: 528491 (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
23. Hans Zimmer: Dream Within a Dream (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
24. John Barry: Blues for Bubber (The Chase OST, 1966) Columbia

Please let February be more merciful unto us.

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