Exploding Head Movies Episode January 3, 2011

XHM #48 - "Salacious inevitability" (2011 January 03)

7:03am - 9:01am

Life is quiet for one more day at the university before the winter term starts. I trust your holidays went well, though I've caught another fever along the way. Good times...

Bonus songs --

1. Destroyer: Bay of Pigs (Bay of Pigs EP, 2010) Merge
2. Wolf Parade: Ghost Pressure (Expo 86, 2010) Sub Pop

Show proper --

3. Ira Newborn: Police Squad - Opening Theme (100 Greatest TV Themes, 1982) Silva Screen
4. T Veneux: Many Happy Returns/Adrift at Sea (The Prisoner: File #2, 1967) Silva Screen
5. The Go! Team: T.O.R.N.A.D.O. (Rolling Blackouts, 2011) Memphis Industries
6. PJ Harvey: Written on the Forehead (Let England Shake, 2011) Island
7. Young Galaxy: Cover Your Tracks (Shapeshifting, 2011) Paper Bag
8. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Stamp (Departing, 2011) Paper Bag/Saddle Creek
9. Braids: Lemonade (Native Speaker, 2011) Flemish Eye/Kanine
10. Solomon Burke: The Judgment (Don't Give Up on Me, 2002) Fat Possum
11. Throbbing Gristle: E-Coli (D.o.A. - The Third and Final Report, 1978) Industrial
12. Psychic TV: Eden 1 (Dreams Less Sweet, 1983) Some Bizzare/CBS
13. Coil: Dark River (Love's Secret Domain, 1991) Wax Trax/Threshold House
14. Coil: The Snow [Answers Come in Dreams I] (The Snow EP, 1991) Wax Trax
15. Nine Inch Nails: Eraser [Coil's "Erased, Over. Out" remix] (Further Down the Spiral, 1995) Nothing
16. Teena Marie: Behind the Groove (Lady T, 1980) Gordy/Motown
17. Brian Eno: Complex Heaven (Small Craft on a Milk Sea, 2010) Warp
18. Bruno Nicolai: I Want It All [vocal] (Beat at Cinecitta: Volume 1, 1969) Crippled Dick Hot Wax
19. Bruno Nicolai: Fuori dal Tempo (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
20. Bruno Nicolai: Autostrada per Los Angeles (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
21. Bruno Nicolai: Intimità (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
22. Bruno Nicolai: Senza Titolo (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
23. Bruno Nicolai: Sguardi Teneri [alternate take #2] (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
24. Bruno Nicolai: Dondolo (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
25. Bruno Nicolai: I Want It All [reprise] (Femmine Insaziabili OST, 1969) Easy Tempo
26. The "A" Ukuleles of Halifax: ABA-DA-BA (Ukulele Yes!, 1973) World