Exploding Head Movies Episode December 20, 2010

XHM #47 - "MMXmas: Turkey and pistols carved out of wood" (2010 December 20)

7:30am - 9:03am

For those of you who can see it, tonight's solstice will be blessed by a blood red moon. A jolly red nose of a lunar eclipse for the holidays.

Except Vancouver -- we're overcast until May.

Ring them bells:

1. Ralph Carney: Solstice
2. Remington Super 60: Wintertime (Merry Christmas EP, 2007) Cafe 2001
3. Captain Beefheart: There Ain't No Santa Claus on the Evening Stage (The Spotlight Kid, 1972) Reprise
4. Porn Orchard: This Holiday Season (The Mother of All Flagpole Christmas Albums, 1993) Orttone
5. Michael Nyman: Cream or Christians (Chantons Noël: Ghosts Of Christmas Past, 1981) Les Disques Du Crepuscule
6. The Cartridge Family: Frosty the Freemason (2005 SSM Holiday Compilation, 2005) Suburban Sprawl
7. The Residents: Santa Dog '78 [Fire] (Santa Dog '88 EP, 1988) Uncle Willie's Eyeball Buddies
8. Beach House: I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun (2010)
9. Crystal Stilts: Practically Immaculate (2010) Slumberland
10. Aimee Mann & Michael Penn: Christmastime (Just Say Noël, 1996) Geffen
11. The Magnetic Fields: Everything is One Big Christmas Tree (Realism, 2010) Nonesuch
12. Herb Alpert & Tijauna Brass: My Favourite Things (Christmas Album, 1968) A&M
13. Wesley Willis: Kris Kringle was a Car Thief (Greatest Hits: Volume 1, 1995) Alternative Tentacles
14. Dean Acevado: Jail for Christmas (Chicali, 2003) Layla
15. John Prine: Christmas in Prison (Sweet Revenge, 1973) Atlantic
16. Adam Kempa: Jailhouse Angels (2008 SSM Holiday Compilation, 2008) Suburban Sprawl
17. Honky Tonk Confidential: Christmas Prison (Who Gets the Fruitcake This Year?, 2006) Too Many Dogs
18. The All New Genetically Altered Jug Band: Christmas in Jail (2008?)
19. Leroy Carr: Christmas in Jail, Ain't That a Pain (Penitentiary Blues: Songs to Do Hard Times By, 1929) Fuel
20. Night Seeker: Let's Go Santa (Fubar II OST, 2010) Warner
21. Spinal Tap: Christmas with the Devil (This is Spinal Tap, 1984) Polydor
22. Thelonious Octopus: Christmas Quiet (Christmas Quiet, 2005) Microscope Media
23. Croox: 24 Dezember (Denk Daran!, 1980) Neue Deutsche Welle
24. Not Mean Themselves: Frozen (Denk Daran!, 1980) Neue Deutsche Welle
25. Servotron: Death of the Sugar Plum Fairy (There is No Santa Claus!, 1996) Amphetamine Reptile
26. Kellarissa: Koska meillä on joulu (Lumihankala, 2005/2010) unreleased
27. Kellarissa: Joulupuu on rakennettuu (Lumihankala, 2005/2010) unreleased
28. Kellarissa: Kilisee, kilisee kulkunen (Lumihankala, 2005/2010) unreleased
29. Kellarissa: Tonttujen jouluyö (Lumihankala, 2005/2010) unreleased
30. Basketball: Zima Dodje [Winter's Come] (The Eggnog Experience, 2009) Mental Beast
31. Abbey Grange: In the Bleak Midwinter (Get Thee Behind Me Santa!, 2002) Puppy Dog
32. Mr Dorgon: Christmas (Myspace) Jumbo
33. The Qualities: Happy New Year to You! (Sun Ra: The Singles, 1961) Saturn