Exploding Head Movies Episode December 13, 2010

XHM #46 - "Waking up together in a computer world" (2010 December 13)

7:31am - 9:01am

This is not my best of 2010 list, more of a snapshot with some skewed perspective amongst other requirements.

1. Daft Punk: The Grid (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney
2. The Arcade Fire: Sprawl II [Mountains Beyond Mountains] (The Suburbs, 2010) Merge
3. Cee-Lo Green: Fuck You [Le Castle Vania remix] (Fuck You EP, 2010) Elektra
4. LCD Soundsystem: Drunk Girls [Holy Ghost! remix] (Adult Swim Singles Project, 2010) [adult swim]
5. Hot Chip: One Life Stand (One Life Stand, 2010) EMI
6. Fine Mist: Stop or Start (Public Domain, 2010) independent
7. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Money (I Learned the Hard Way, 2010) Daptone
8. The Pack A.D.: Big Anvil (We Kill Computers, 2010) Mint
9. Fanshaw: O Sailor (Dark Eyes, 2010) Mint
10. Black Mountain: The Hair Song (Wilderness Heart, 2010) Jagjaguwar
11. The Black Angels: Bad Vibrations (Phosphene Dream, 2010) Blue Horizon
12. Brian Eno: Two Forms of Anger (Small Craft on a Milk Sea, 2010) Warp
13. Fond of Tigers: Soheb (Continent & Western, 2010) Drip Audio
14. The Books: Beautiful People (The Way Out, 2010) Temporary Residence
15. Mondkopf: Deaf House (Deaf House EP, 2010) Asphalt Duchess
16. Daft Punk: Armory (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney
17. Daft Punk: The Game Has Changed (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney
18. Daft Punk: End of Line (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney
19. Daft Punk: Derezzed (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney
20. Daft Punk: Solar Sailer (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney
21. Daft Punk: Tron Legacy [End titles] (Tron Legacy OST, 2010) Disney