Exploding Head Movies Episode November 22, 2010

XHM #44 - "Fundrive number five" (2010 November 22)

7:29am - 9:04am

If you listen the podcast, I do have all 3 CDs available, each for a minimum donation of $30. I'll figure out a way to send them to you, or just outright deliver them into your hands.

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1. Sir Charles Hughes: Dynomite [Suckapunch re-edit] (Black Dynamite OST, 2009) Wax Poetics
2. Freddy King: Texas Oil (R&B Hipshakers Volume 1: Teach Me to Monkey, 1962) Vampisoul
3. Black Merda: My Inspiration (Force of Nature, 2009) Vampisoul
4. Silvestre Montez y sus Guantanameros: El AvispĆ³n (Cumbia Beat Volume 1: Experimental Guitar-driven Tropical Sounds from Peru 1966-1976, 1969) Vampisoul
5. The Stranglers: Peaches (Rattus Norvegicus, 1977) United Artists
6. The Stranglers: Golden Brown (La Folie, 1981) Liberty
7. Husky Rescue: Sweet Little Kitten (Country Falls, 2004) Catskills
8. David Bowie: Cat People [Putting Out Fire] (Inglourious Basterds OST, 1982) Maverick/Warner Bros
9. April March: Chick Habit (Death Proof OST, 1995) Maverick/Warner Bros
10. Smith: Baby It's You [w.Gayle McCormick] (Death Proof OST, 1969) Maverick/Warner Bros
11. Link Wray: Rumble (This is Cult Fiction, 1958) Virgin
12. The Tornadoes: Bustin' Surfboards (Pulp Fiction OST, 1962) MCA
13. Maria McKee: If Love is a Red Dress [Hang Me in Rags] (Pulp Fiction OST, 1994) MCA
14. The Statler Brothers: Flowers on the Wall (Pulp Fiction OST, 1965) MCA
15. The Lively Ones: Surf Rider (Pulp Fiction OST, 1963) MCA
16. Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods: Monte Carlo Nights (Jackie Brown OST, 1995) Maverick/Warner Bros
17. The Brothers Johnson: Strawberry Letter 23 (Jackie Brown OST, 1977) Maverick/Warner Bros
18. Randy Crawford: Street Life (Jackie Brown OST, 1979) Maverick/Warner Bros
19. The Delfonics: Didn't I [Blow Your Mind this Time] (Jackie Brown OST, 1970) Maverick/Warner Bros
20. Quincy Jones: Ironside (Kill Bill Volume 1 OST [Japan], 1967) A Band Apart/Maverick/Warner Bros
21. Isaac Hayes: Run Fay Run (Tough Guys OST, 1973) Enterprise
22. Zamfir: The Lonely Shepherd (Kill Bill Volume 1 OST, 1977) A Band Apart/Maverick/Warner Bros
23. Alan Reeves, Phil Steele & Philip Brigham: The Chase (Kill Bill Volume 2 OST, 1970) Maverick
24. Elton John: Tiny Dancer (Madman Across the Water, 1971) Uni/DJM

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RIP, Famke. Pikku kissa, memento mori.