Exploding Head Movies Episode October 25, 2010

XHM XL - "Mister Sinister for Prime Minister" (2010 October 25)

7:33am - 9:03am

We also have some Bram Stoker's Dracula, Vincent Price and crazy Italian music.

1. Vincent Price: My Soul is an Enchanted Boat (The Poems of Shelley, 195?) Caedmon
2. Amedeo Tommasi: Suspence Magico N.1 (Flipper Psychout: Original Italian Library Music from the Vaults of Flipper, 2010) Vampisoul
3. Bruce Haack: Stand up Razaras (The Electric Lucifer Book 2, 2001) Q.D.K. Media
4. Bullion: Are You the One? (Young Heartache EP, 2009) One Handed Music
5. Fortunately Everything Dies: A Night to Dismember (Horror, 2010) self-released
6. A Thousand Cranes: I am the Phoenix (2010) unreleased?
7. Coil presents Black Light District: Blue Rats (A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room, 1996) Eskaton
8. Mantler: Monody (Monody, 2010) Blocks
9. The Detachments: Fear No Fear (Fear No Fear EP, 2008) Thisisnotanexit
10. Appaloosa: You Will Never Hurt Me (2010) Kitsune/Italians Do It Better
11. Clinic: Interlude (Visitations, 2006) Domino
12. Suuns: Up Past the Nursery (Zeroes QC, 2010) Secretly Canadian
13. Desire: Don't Call (II, 2009) Italians Do It Better
14. Microfilm: Dario Argento (The Slingshot Orchestra, 2008) Fiche Music
15. Balam Acab: Regret Making Mistakes (See Birds, 2010) Tri Angle
16. Ben Frost: The Carpathians (By the Throat, 2009) Bedroom Community
17. Goblin: Suspiria [narration] (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox
18. Goblin: Witch (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox
19. Goblin: Markos [alternate version] (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox
20. Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Peter Rundel: Giacinto Scelsi's Uaxuctum: The Legend Of The Mayan City Which They Themselves Destroyed For Religious Reasons, 3rd Movement (Shutter Island OST, 2010) Rhino
21. Wojciech Kilar: Hunt Builds (Bram Stoker's Dracula OST, 1993) Sony/Columbia
22. Women: Bells (Public Strain, 2010) Jagjaguwar
23. oOoOo: No Shore (Dark as Night, 2010) Bathetic