Exploding Head Movies Episode July 5, 2010

XHM #15 - "Let's fly Lot" [RESCUED] (original version aired: 2010 April 26)

7:29am - 9:01am

After the great podcast server crash of two ought ten, I had to rebuilt this episode from scratch so if you did manage to hear this when originally broadcast, this version is mostly the same. The original version of this episode was Hans Kloss-approved -- his Misery Hour is available Wednesday nights, 11pm to whenever Pacific, on CITR Vancouver, http://citr.ca to the known universe.

The letter C is Polish is pronounced "ts", so watch out how I mangle most names and titles here. A lot of these words should have all manners of diacritical marks, but most North American keyboards can't handle them, or I'm typing alt codes 'till I go mad.


1. Czerwone Gitary: Coda (Polish Funk, 1974) Polskie Nagrania "Muza"
2. Made in Poland: Jedna Kropla Deszczu (Polska Nowa Fala 1983, 1983) Mathaus Records
3. Mass Kotki: Telewizyjna Bulimia (Chodz Zobaczyc, 2005) Emancypunx
4. Los Trabantos: Rzeznia (Miêdzy Rabarbarem a Pomidorem, 2005) Fonografika
5. The Car is on Fire: Ombarrops! (Ombarrops!, 2009) Pomaton EMI
6. Waglewski Fisz Emade: Chwile Bedzie Ciszej (Meska Muzyka, 2008) Emade
7. ABC: You Want Too Much (Polish Funk, 1970) Polskie Nagrania "Muza"
8. Maciej Kossowski: Oczy Ci Zaslonie [I Shall Cover Your Eyes] (Polish Funk 2, 1969) Polskie Nagrania "Muza"
9. Czerwone Gitary: Powiedz Stary Gdzies Ty Byl (The Best of, 1991) Polskie Nagrania "Muza"
10. Leszek Mozdzer vs Adam Makowicz: Rosemary's Baby (At Carnegie Hall, 2006) EMI Poland
11. Krzysztof Komeda: Vampire Killers [Main Title] (Vampire Killers OST, 2005) Harkit
12. Krzysztof Komeda: Pushing the Car [from Cul-de-sac] (Matnia: The Complete Recordings, Volume 13, 1998)
13. Wojciech Kilar: Theme from Salto (Film Music, 1965) Olympia
14. Wojciech Kilar, The Warsaw Philharmonic National Orchestra of Poland with Hanna Wolczeska: Moving to the Ghetto, October 31, 1940 (The Pianist OST, 2002) Sony
15. Wojciech Kilar: Vampire Hunters (Bram Stoker's Dracula OST, 1993) Sony
16. Abel Korzeniowski: Mescaline (A Single Man OST, 2010) Relativity Media
17. Zbigniew Preisner, Sinfonia Varsovia & the Philharmonic Choir of Silesia: Milsoc od Piewwszego Wejrzenia [Love at First Sight w.Zbigniew Zamachowski] (Trois Couleurs: Rouge OST, 1994) Virgin
18. Zbigniew Preisner, Sinfonia Varsovia & the Philharmonic Choir of Silesia: Treason (Trois Couleurs: Rouge OST, 1994) Virgin
19. Jan A.P. Kaczmarek: The System Says No (The Visitor OST, 2008) Varese Sarabande
20. Jan A.P. Kaczmarek: Patrzac Przez Okno [Looking Through the Window] (Hania OST, 2007) EMI Music Poland
21. Krzysztof Penderecki & National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (Children of Men score, 1960) Varese Sarabande
22. Jacaszek: Walc (Treny, 2008) Miasmah
23. The Conet Project: Counting in Polish (The Conet Project, 1997) Irdial
24. Zdzislaw Piernik & Piotr Zabrodzki: Perly Przed Kruki (Namanga, 2008) Vivo
25. Krzysztof Komeda: Ballad for Bernt (Crazy Girl project, 1961) WM