Exploding Head Movies Episode June 28, 2010

XHM #24 - "Arson and old maple" (2010 June 28)

7:35am - 9:02am

Fire alarm be damned, this show will be broadcast from even smouldering embers!

But yeah, we're all safe. Here's some music.

1. The Arcade Fire: The Suburbs (The Suburbs, 2010) Sonovolt/Merge
2. Japandroids: Younger Us (Younger Us 7", 2010) Polyvinyl
3. Tokyo Police Club: Wait Up [Boots of Danger] (Champ, 2010) Mom & Pop Music Co.
4. Broken Social Scene: All to All (Forgiveness Rock Record, 2010) Arts & Crafts
5. Black Wizard: Waves (Black Wizard, 2010) Evergreen
6. The Pack AD: BC is on Fire (We Kill Computers, 2010) Mint
7. The Crackling: Reticence (Keep Full Ambitious, 2010) Plunge
8. Foxes in Fiction: Flashing Lights Have Ended Now (Swung from the Branches, 2010) Orchid Tapes/Moodgadget
9. Crystal Castles: Intimate (ii, 2010) Fiction
10. Thunderheist: Drive-In (Bacardi B-Live, 2010) Bacardi
11. Caribou: Sun (Swim, 2010) Domino
12. Mychael Danna: In My Line of Business (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
13. Mychael Danna: Shower (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
14. Mychael Danna: The First Time (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
15. Mychael Danna: Waiting Room (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
16. Mychael Danna: Told You Not to Call (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
17. Mychael Danna & the London Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Dodd: Exchange (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
18. Mychael Danna: No Lights after Eleven (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
19. Mychael Danna: Adagio (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
20. Mychael Danna: I Owe You Nothing (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
21. The Souljazz Orchestra: Agbara (Rising Sun, 2010) Strut

No alarms were recorded during the production of this show.
Happy Canada Day!