Exploding Head Movies Episode June 14, 2010

XHM #22 - "Improvisation in bear trap" (2010 June 14)

7:31am - 9:03am

There's also a bit from Blow-Up, a cover from Goldfinger and a sample from Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror".

Can I bike home and not get wet? Y/N/M

Your bestest new friends ever:

1. Herbie Hancock: Bring Down the Birds (Blow-Up OST, 1966) MGM
2. Bonobo: Kong (Black Sands, 2010) Ninja Tune
3. Stonephace: Five Miles High (Stonephace, 2009) Tru Thoughts
4. Palm Skin Productions: Spock with a Beard (Time & Space EP, 1993) Mo'Wax
5. Kobayashi: Shasta (Strange Lights & Resolutions, 2005) Bongo Beat
6. Grupo Fantasma: Telarana (El Existential, 2010) Nat Geo
7. Michel Sardaby: Welcome New Warmth (Gail, 1975) Disques Debs
8. Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm: A Piece for Brother Weldon (A Tribute to Brother Weldon, 2004) Stones Throw
9. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid: Lyman Place (NYC, 2008) Domino
10. Soul Coughing: Blue Eyed Devil (Ruby Vroom, 1994) Slash/Warner Bros
11. Sex Mob: Bond Back in Action Again (Sex Mob Does Bond, 2001) Ropeadope
12. John Lurie: Theme from Fishing with John (Fishing with John, 1998) Strange & Beautiful
13. Lounge Lizards: Big Heart (Big Heart Live in Tokyo, 1986) Polygram
14. John Lurie: A Woman Can Take You to Another Universe; Sometimes She Just Leaves You There (Stranger Than Paradise/The Resurrection of Albert Ayler, 2001) Milan
15. John Lurie: Tuesday Night in Memphis (Mystery Train OST, 1989) Milan
16. John Lurie: Nose Punch [short version] (Get Shorty OST, 1995) Polygram
17. John Lurie: Swamp, Pt. 1 (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
18. John Lurie: Strangers in the Day (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
19. John Lurie: Fork in the Road (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
20. John Lurie: The Invasion of Poland (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
21. John Lurie: Please Come to My House (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
22. John Lurie: The King of Thailand, The Queen of Stairs (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
23. John Lurie: A Hundred Miles from Harry (Down by Law OST, 1987) Crammed Discs
24. The Drive: Howl (Next Stop... Soweto, Volume 3: Giants, Ministers and Makers: Jazz in South Africa 1963-1984, 2010) Strut