Exploding Head Movies Episode June 7, 2010

XHM #21 - "The eternal light narrows" (2010 June 07)

7:32am - 9:01am

The station is a minor schvitz today; just imagine the full onslaught of summer once it descends upon this peninsula.

Before I forget: Mansell and Aronofsky are in the midst of post-production for a film called Black Swan, due later this year. Aronofsky is apparently working on a new version of Robocop though as a producer. That should be intense.


1. Röyksopp: Happy Up Here [Breakbot remix] (Happy Up Here 12", 2009) Wall of Sound
2. Digits: You're Going to Age (Hold It Close, 2010) self-released
3. These Are Powers: World Class Peoples (Candyman EP, 2010) RVNG International
4. jj: Ecstasy (jj n° 2, 2009) Sincerely Yours
5. Modern Witch: Rever Fay (CD-R, 2010) Disaro
6. Cosmetics: Black Leather Gloves [Premier Rang remake] (Soft Skin, 2010) Captured Tracks
7. William Gum-Boot & Lawrence Wiffin: Pathetic (Synthetic Music, 1978) Auvidis
8. Flying Lotus: Auntie's Lock [w.The Life Force Trio] (L.A. EP 3 X 3, 2009) Warp
9. Mondkopf: Bones Club (Libera Me EP, 2010) Asphalt Duchess
10. Ilana: 5.05 (Sound of Young New York, 2003) Plant Music Inc.
11. Pop Will Eat Itself: Wise Up Sucker! (This is the Day... This is the Hour... This is This!, 1989) RCA
12. Clint Mansell: Pi R 2 (Pi OST, 1998) Thrive
13. Clint Mansell: Dead Reckoning (Smokin' Aces OST, 2007) Lakeshore
14. Clint Mansell: We're Going Home (Moon OST, 2009) Black Records
15. Clint Mansell: First Snow (The Fountain OST, 2006) Nonesuch
16. Clint Mansell: Death is the Road to Awe (The Fountain OST, 2006) Nonesuch
17. Clint Mansell: Coney Island Dreaming (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
18. Clint Mansell: Ghosts (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
19. Clint Mansell: Supermarket Sweep (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
20. Clint Mansell: Sara Goldfarb has Left the Building (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
21. Clint Mansell: Fear (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
22. Clint Mansell: Lux Aeterna (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
23. Clint Mansell: Coney Island Low (Requiem for a Dream OST, 2000) Nonesuch
24. Microbunny: Magnatech (49 Swans, 2010) Static Clang