Exploding Head Movies Episode May 17, 2010

XHM #18 - "Dance to the radio" (2010 May 17)

7:32am - 9:02am

Much like a Peel session, sometimes the right man plays the right record at the wrong speed.

Your facts.

1. Worm is Green: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Automagic, 2003) Thule
2. Joy Division: Digital (Substance, 1978) Factory
3. Joy Division: A Means to an End (Closer, 1980) Factory
4. Joy Division: Insight (Unknown Pleasures, 1979) Factory
5. Joy Division: She's Lost Control 12" (Atmosphere, 1979) London/Rhino
6. Calexico: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Sweetheart, 2005) Live More Musically
7. Galaxie 500: Ceremony (On Fire, 1989) Rough Trade
8. Jäh Division: Heart and Soul Dub (Dub Will Tear Us Apart, 2004) The Social Registry
9. Hot Chip: Transmission (Warchild present Heroes, 2009) Parlophone/Astralwerks
10. LCD Soundsystem: No Love Lost (All My Friends EP, 2007) DFA
11. Evelyn Evelyn: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Evelyn Evelyn, 2010) Elevent/8ft
12. Nine Inch Nails: Dead Souls (The Crow OST, 1994) Atlantic
13. New Order: Exit (Control OST, 2007) WEA International
14. New Order: Hypnosis (Control OST, 2007) WEA International
15. New Order: Get Out (Control OST, 2007) WEA International
16. The Killers: Shadowplay (Control OST, 2007) WEA International
17. Psychic TV: I.C. Water [Radio version] (Towards Thee Infinite Beat, 1990) Temple
18. Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Heart and Soul 2, 1980) London/Rhino
19. Joy Division: Atmosphere (Heart and Soul 2, 1979) London/Rhino

Rest in peace, Ian.

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