Exploding Head Movies Episode April 5, 2010

XHM #12 - "Collaborative cursing" (2010 April 05)

7:31am - 9:02am

Let the bunny guide you.

1. In Flagranti: Louvre for Yo (Sounds Superb, 2008) Codek Europe
2. Yeasayer: O.N.E. (Odd Blood, 2010) Secretly Canadian/Mute
3. Neon Indian: Sleep Paralysist (digital single, 2010) Green Label
4. The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [Radio edit] (Fight Softly, 2010) Sub Pop/Memphis Industries
5. Charlotte Gainsbourg: Trick Pony (IRM, 2009) Elektra/Because
6. Florence and the Machine: You've Got the Love [The XX remix] (You've Got the Love EP, 2009) Universal/Moshi Moshi
7. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse: Insane Lullaby [w.James Mercer] (Dark Night of the Soul, 2009) self-released
8. Broken Bells: The High Road (The High Road, 2010) Columbia
9. Holy Fuck: Latin America (Latin, 2010) Young Turk/XL
10. Fuck Buttons: Rough Steez (Tarot Sport, 2009) ATP
11. Massive Attack: Paradise Circus [f. Hope Sandoval; Gui Boratto remix] (mp3, 2010) RCRD LBL
12. Anni Rossi: Ecology (Rockwell, 2009) 4AD
13. Mantler: Fresh and Fair (Monody, 2010) Tomlab
14. Marvin Hamlisch: Trust Me [w.Steve Tyrell] (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
15. Marvin Hamlisch: Golf (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
16. Marvin Hamlisch: Triplets (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
17. Marvin Hamlisch: The Raid (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
18. Marvin Hamlisch: Car Meeting (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
19. Marvin Hamlisch: The Informant (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
20. Parov Stelar: Kiss Kiss (Daylight, 2008) Rambling

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