Exploding Head Movies Episode March 29, 2010

XHM #11 - "Eighty miles outside San Antone" (2010 March 29)

7:31am - 9:02am

Out of the almost 2000 bands performing through South by Southwest in 2010, I saw maybe fifty, sixty tops. There were shirts around saying "Sorry, I missed your show", which is most appropriate. If you've never been, either SXSW or Austin, Texas, it's a wonderful bubble of bliss.

(And Paris, Texas came out in 1984, not 1982. Sorry for any confusion.)


1. The Replacements: Alex Chilton (Pleased to Meet Me, 1987) Sire
2. The Box Tops: The Letter (The Letter, 1967) Bell
3. Big Star: Thirteen (#1 Record, 1972) Ardent
4. Wounded Lion: Creatures in the Cave (Wounded Lion, 2010) In the Red
5. Thee Oh Sees: Enemy Destruct (Help, 2009) In the Red
6. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Drain the Blood (Hometowns, 2009) Saddle Creek
7. Washed Out: You'll See It (Life of Leisure EP, 2009) Mexican Summer
8. Besnard Lakes: Glass Printer (Are the Roaring Night, 2010) Jagjaguwar
9. Dãm-Funk: Mirrors (Toeachizown Volume 1: LAtrik, 2009) Stones Throw
10. Jeremy Jay: Gallop (Slow Dance, 2009) K
11. The Pack A.D.: Cobra Matte (We Kill Computers, 2010) Mint
12. Liars: No Barrier Fun (Sisterworld, 2010) Mute
13. Fucked Up: Looking Back (Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009, 2010) Matador
14. Man or Astro-Man?: Green-blooded Love (Beyond the Black Hole, 2001) Estrus
15. Think About Life: Sweet Sixteen (Family, 2009) Alien8
16. Duchess Says: Melon (Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs, 2008) Alien8
17. Local Natives: Warning Sign (Gorilla Manor, 2010) Frenchkiss
18. Turbo Fruits: Hold Me (Echo Kids, 2009) Fat Possum
19. Japandroids: Wet Hair (Post-Nothing, 2009) Unfamiliar
20. The Black Angels: The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven (Passover, 2006) Light in the Attic
21. Davila 666: Sabes Que Quiero (Primero Muerta 7", 2009) Hozac
22. Ry Cooder: Paris, Texas (Paris, Texas OST, 1990) Warner Bros
23. Ry Cooder: No Safety Zone (Paris, Texas OST, 1990) Warner Bros