Exploding Head Movies Episode February 22, 2010

XHM #6 - "With only our cunning to protect us" (2010 February 22)

7:32am - 9:00am

You weren't expecting cherry and magnolia blossoms, were you, o Olympic visitors. Don't worry; the rains are about to return, washing our anachronistic winter away.

Each little whisker on its face has a name///

1. Squirrel Nut Zippers: Winter Weather (Christmas Caravan, 1998) Mammoth
2. Blockhead: Insomniac Olympics (Music by Cavelight, 2004) Ninja Tune
3. Gil Scott-Heron: New York is Killing Me (I'm New Here, 2010) XL
4. Four Tet: Love Cry (There is Love in You, 2010) Domino
5. Crash Course in Science: Cardboard Lamb (Signals from Pier Thirteen, 1981) LD Records
6. Delta 5: Try (Singles & Sessions: 1979-81, 2006) Kill Rock Stars
7. The B-52's: Mess of a Tanian [Mike Simonetti edit] (bootleg, 2009)
8. Binary Chaffinch: Guitar Shaped Heart (Guitar Shaped Heart 12", 2008) Dissident
9. Japandroids: Art Czars (Art Czars 7", 2010) Polyvinyl
10. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Ashes Maths (Ashes Grammar, 2009) Mis Ojos Discos
11. Beach House: Silver Soul (Teen Dream, 2010) Sub Pop
12. If Then Do: Cubiclecore (M70, 2010) Sul Pont
13. Nora Arnezeder: Loin De Paname (Paris 36 OST, 2009) Emarcy France
14. Jarvis Cocker: Petey's Song (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
15. Alexandre Desplat: Mr Fox in the Fields (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
16. Alexandre Desplat: Jimmy Squirrel and Co. (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
17. Alexandre Desplat: High-speed French Train (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
18. Alexandre Desplat: Bean's Secret Cider Cellar (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
19. Alexandre Desplat: Just Another Dead Rat in a Garbage Pail [Behind a Chinese Restaurant] (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
20. Alexandre Desplat: Great Harrowsford Square (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO