Exploding Head Movies Episode February 1, 2010

Exploding Head Movies #3 - "Helium-powered relocation" (2010 February 01)

7:33am - 9:04am

Along with Up, there's plenty of new music to grab your attention, where it's Talking Heads-related, lo-fi pop, plaintive soul and a bit of modern rock.

1. Michael Giacchino: Up with Titles (Up OST, 2009) Disney
2. Caribou: Odessa (Swim, 2010) Merge
3. Datarock: True Stories (Give It Up 12", 2009) Young Aspiring Professionals
4. David Byrne & Fatboy Slim: Please Don't [w.Santigold] (Here Lies Love, 2010) Nonesuch
5. Best Coast: When I'm with You (When I'm with You, 2009) Black Iris
6. The Hoa Hoa's: Mixed (Sonic Bloom, 2009) Optical Sounds
7. Fanshaw: Checkerboard (Dark Eyes, 2010) Mint
8. Franz Ferdinand: The Eyes of Mars [w.Marion Cotillard] (Lady Rogue, 2010) Lady Dior
9. Sloan: Take It Upon Yourself (Hit & Run EP, 2009) Murderecords
10. PS I Love You: Facelove (Diamond Rings split 7", 2009) Hype Lighter
11. Viva Voce: Devotion (Rose City, 2009) Barsuk
12. Harlem: Friendly Ghost (Hippies, 2010) Matador
13. Bipolar Bear: Graves (Hiroshima Rocks Around split LP, 2009) Kill Shaman
14. Retribution Gospel Choir: Hide It Away (2, 2010) Sub Pop
15. PJ Harvey & John Parish: Black Hearted Love (A Woman a Man Walked By, 2009) Island
16. Michael Giacchino: The Spirit of Adventure (Up OST, 2009) Disney
17. Michael Giacchino: Married Life (Up OST, 2009) Disney
18. Michael Giacchino: Carl's Maiden Voyage (Up OST, 2009) Disney
19. Michael Giacchino: Carl Goes Up (Up OST, 2009) Disney
20. Michael Giacchino: Walkin' the House (Up OST, 2009) Disney
21. Michael Giacchino: Meet Kevin in the Jungle (Up OST, 2009) Disney
22. Michael Giacchino: Canine Conundrum (Up OST, 2009) Disney
23. Michael Giacchino: The Explorer Motel (Up OST, 2009) Disney
24. Michael Giacchino: Memories Can Weigh You Down (Up OST, 2009) Disney
25. Michael Giacchino: The Ellie Badge (Up OST, 2009) Disney
26. Michael Giacchino: The Small Mailman Returns (Up OST, 2009) Disney
27. Owen Pallett: Midnight Directives (Heartland, 2010) Domino

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