Exploding Head Movies Episode January 25, 2010

Exploding Head Movies #2: "Birling through dark tunnels" (2010 January 25)

7:33am - 9:03am

This would have been episode 100 of Radio Free GAK. Not that such an event would indicate any celebrations were had this week, but this is a gloriously rough little broadcast.

Dem songs.

1. Richard C Sanders: Afrocat (Cinemaphonic: Electro Soul, 2000) Emperor Norton
2. The Slew: It's All Over (100%, 2009) Ninja Tune
3. Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Complainte pour Ste Catherine (Kate & Anna McGarrigle, 1976) Hannibal
4. Mountain City Four: The Log Driver's Waltz (Canadian Vignettes, 1979) NFB
5. RJD2: True Confessions (Urban Renewal Program, 2002) Chocolate Industries
6. RJD2: The Girls from Art School (Tin Foil Hat EP, 2009) RJ's Electrical Connections
7. David McCallum: The Edge [2005 Digital Remaster] (The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970, 1966) EMI
8. DJ Shadow: Dark Days - Main Theme (Dark Days 7", 2000) MCA
9. DJ Shadow: Untitled Heavy Beat, Parts 1 & 2 (The End of Violence OST, 1997) Outpost
10. DJ Shadow: Best of the KMEL Mixes, Part 1 (The 4-Track Era Volume 1, 1991) Reconstruction Productions
11. Zimbabwe Legit: Doin' Damage In My Native Language [Shadow's Legitimate Mix] (Zimbabwe Legit, 1992) Hollywood BASIC
12. DJ Shadow: Lost and Found [S.F.L.] (Lost & Found / Kemuri, 1994) Mo'Wax
13. David Axelrod: Holy Thursday (Blue Breakbeats Volume 4, 1999) Blue Note
14. Adrian Younge: Black Dynamite Theme (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
15. Adrian Younge: Gloria [Zodiac Lovers] (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
16. Adrian Younge: Anaconda Malt Liquor (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
17. Adrian Younge: Chicago Wind (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
18. Adrian Younge: Jimmy's Dead [Instrumental] (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
19. Kool & the Gang: Jungle Jazz (Spirit of the Boogie, 1975) De-Lite