Experiments in Happiness 4'33" 1/3 Episode December 8, 2014

Broadcast on 08-Dec-2014

6:01am - 7:02am

Steve Reich - Come Out-Come Out
Philip Glass - Geometry of Circles-(from Sesame Street)
Ivor Cutler - Yellow Fly-Velvet Donkey
Gyorgy Kurtag - Perpetuum Mobile (A piece for glissandos only)-Jatekok [Games]
Ann Southam - Movement 12-Portraits
Pierre Schaeffer - Chemin de Fer-5 Etudes de Bruits
Terry Riley - Cadence in the Wind-Cadence in the Wind
Nick Storring - Unexpecting-N/A
Frank Zappa - I'm the Slime-Strictly Commercial
John Zorn - A Shot in the Dark-Naked City
John Cage - John Cage talks about Silence-N/A
Gregory Gan - 4'33"-Live performance