Experiments in Happiness 4'33" 1/3 Episode August 11, 2014

Broadcast on 11-Aug-2014

6:01am - 7:02am

Laurence Crane - Seven Short Pieces-Laurence Crane - Chamber Works 1992-2009
Jaap Blonk, Koichi Makigami, Paul Dutton, Phil Minton, David Moss - Quiet Neighbours Moaning-Five Men Singing
Greenhouse - Your Favourite Place-Cold Wires
I Have Eaten the City - [second part]-Secret Paths
David Tudor - The Rainforest 1-N/A
John Cage - Nr. 18 (Old North); Nr. 42 (Rapture); Nr.26 (Judea); Nr.21 (Heath)-John Cage: Thirteen Harmonies