Experiments in Happiness 4'33" 1/3 Episode March 24, 2014

Broadcast on 24-Mar-2014

6:01am - 7:00am

A friendly competition between your host and a guest host Colin MacDonald on identifying strange and beautiful sounds in contemporary music:

Ivor Cutler - Birdswing-Velvet Donkey
Terry Riley - Music for the Gift (Part 1)-Music for the Gift
Ivor Cutler - Little Black Buzzer-Velvet Donkey
John Zorn - Speedball-Naked City
John Zorn - A Shot in the Dark-Naked City
Adrian Verdejo (James Tenney) - Septet-Modern Hearts
David Lang - Miracle Ear-The Art of the Toy Piano
Pierre Schaeffer - 5 Etudes de Bruits: Chemins de Fer-History of Electronic Music
Luciano Berio - Perspectives-History of Electronic Music
Michael Tenzer - Underleaf (Buk Katah)-Let Others Name You
Julia Wolfe - Window of Vulnerability-American Composers Orchestra
Ernst Jandl - In the Country-13 Radiophone Texte
Charles Spearin - Ondine-The Happiness Project