Example Channel Episode August 21, 2014

Broadcast on 21-Aug-2014

8:01am - 10:02am

Landslide Lauren tackles (nearly) all things Burning Man. Its core principles, its place in a growing global movement, a catalyst for social change,... all issues mused by Landslide Lauren. Put on your celebration suit and listen up!

Burn-inspired Track List:

Disclosure - When a fire starts to Burn (C2C Remix)
Joel Compass - Astronaut (Henry Krinkle Remix)
Beyonce ft Jay Z - Drunk in Love (Diamond Saints Remix)
Oaka ft. Mothica - Realign Mars (Painting a Silent Canvas)
Lux Moderna - Entheos (Black Sun)
Goopsteppa - Bounce (Crystals EP)
Michael Red - Top (8prn Remix)
Soloxone - Jow (Immigrant EP)
Autentikk - Blueberry Muffins (Andromeda EP)
Kona & Aggz - Shaolin Monk (Abyss Records)
Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam (MOWE cover)
#XI - Gone From Now (Soundcloud)
Psychemagik - Bass Purr (Lunar Escape EP)