Example Channel Episode August 14, 2014

Broadcast on 14-Aug-2014

8:00am - 10:02am

Back to Iraq, analyzing Putin and the Great Man Theory?, Nobel Prize for Mathematics to who?, and myco filtration.

Track List:

Kline - Sleepy Slug (Soundcloud)
Goopsteppa - Sascid (Soundcloud)
Moontricks - Bishop (Ignition EP)
EMOG - The Master (Single)
The Funk Hunters - Keep On Moving (Midtempo Revolution)
Neighbour - Red or Black (& Spiltmilk)
Skii Tour - Senior Mafia (Single Soundcloud)
Cure & Hxdb feat. ThinkTank - Sound the Alarm (Ethos and Sullust)
DEEP - Close to Me (Close to Me EP)
KR$CHN & Beats By C Myles - Party Girls (Nanpa Noir Remix)
Solange - Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)