Example Channel Episode July 17, 2014

Broadcast on 17-Jul-2014

8:01am - 10:01am

Landslide Lauren uncovers more on the salmon farming scandal from coast to coast . Listen to understand how your tax dollars are being spent, how various levels of government are (de) regulating to guarantee "certainty" for industry, and the many court cases filed in response.

Track List:

Emma Baxter - Both Young Ones-Soundcloud
Memro - Spyglass-Proximity
CMO - E S O T E R I C-Dutchmassive
Eruku - Kaze-& Shroggy
Hidden Orchestra (Submerse Remix ) - Spoken-Archipelago Remixes Part 2
Trey Songz - Na Na-Stwo Remix
Kneegauze - Down Forever-Soundcloud
Home - Bedroom-Stratford Court 'CONFERO' compilation
Skeewiff - Phaze 17-Soundcloud
The Passenger - Sunrise Requiem-Remix by Rennie Foster
Eskimo - We are castor-Savant Remix
Blu J - Una-Souncloud
Tritional - Now or Never-Blu J Remix