Example Channel Episode May 8, 2014

Broadcast on 08-May-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Jam out to Landslide Lauren's feature chat with Executive Producer Jamie (a.k.a. Ninjette), and Ambassadors Margy Yu and Angel (DJ Angle) about their work redefining the electronic music scene. Hear the full story on how this inspiring crew are pioneering a radical and much-needed shift in the beat making, mixing, and grooving community.

Track List (85% FEMALE!):

First hour

Koda - Glass Veil-CoMa Remix
Pixielord - Tumblr Girl-8prn Remix
Hearts Revolution - Gen Wh(Y)-Ride or Die LP
Different Sleep - Conflict-Conflict EP
Oswey and Resotone - July, You & I-Lana Del Ray
Chalices - Honey-Soundcloud
Beyonce - Drunk n Luv-Diplo
Mssigno - XE2-Goon Club All Stars
Go yama - Astral Capacitators-x Kaelin Ellis
Aluna George - You know You Like It-DJ Snake Remix
Symone - Buyakasha-Grandtheft and Smalltown DJs Remix
Zeds Dead - Shut Up & Sing-V2.0 v Greta Svabo

Second Hour

Aversive - Dreams-Inner Visions EP
Boh Nanza - Bear Hug-Feat Dani Lion
Ill-Esha - Lighthouse-Gravitas Recordings
Natasha Kmeto - Deeply-Kasey Riot