Example Channel Episode March 27, 2014

Broadcast on 27-Mar-2014

8:02am - 9:58am

Landslide Lauren's chat with Alain Denault covering the ethical challenges of Canada's global tax haven status, Canada's ongoing colonial dysfunctions, it's plague of passivity, and more regarding what we, as tax payers, need to know about our role in this globalized world.

Mini Mix Track List

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Flaws-Winter EP
Wildlight - Dawn to Flight-The Human Experience Remix
Daft Punk - End of the Line-DiaTH Remix
Nam Shub - Geostationary Eye Amber-Sanctums Remix
Francesca Belcourt - Senses-Eli Muro Remix
Aluna George - Outlines-Pat Lok Crayola Edit
Chris Brown - Fine China-Bahwee Bootleg
Pedestrian - Hoyle Road-Akouo Edit