Example Channel Episode February 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Feb-2014

8:00am - 10:04am

Grahame and Lauren talk Sochi Russia, more spying (this is getting old!). Plus, Obama's State of the Union (Re)Address, and devastation in South Sudan.

Track List:

Samuel Truth - Deja Vu - Blossoms Interlude-After Hours EP
Alexalfonds - Tape pops (preview)-B.I.G mash up
Kline - Peek-A-Boo-Mirror EP Low Indigo 004
Werd - Week Two-Dynamix Records
Wildlight - Rise-BZNZ remix
Wulf - Space V.I.P.-Soundcloud
PANTyRAiD and Mimosa - Chaos Control-Soundcloud
Joseph l'Etranger - Dong A-x The Oneiroscopist
Rook Milo - Outland-s/o ASL fam
iinaK - Bitten Lip-Resistance
Ridylan - Geektup-Ground Mass Music
Afterlyfe - Gold Dust (Re-Trap)-Soundcloud
Pigeon Hole - Higher $tate-Pinch Hitters Remix
Grimes - Genesis-Krusha & Expendable Youth Remix
Duncan Gerow - Rock The Boat-Aaliyah vs 40 + Alicia Keys