Example Channel Episode June 13, 2013

Broadcast on 13-Jun-2013

8:00am - 10:00am

Collateral Murder,Ó a video leaked by Manning in which an American helicopter is seen firing on a group of men in Baghdad Ñ two of the men who were killed turned out to be Reuters journalists. The U.S. Department of Justice eventually subpoenaed Twitter for JonsdottirÕs information, including her personal messages.

ÒBlowing the whistle on war crime should not be classified as a crime,Ó Jonsdottir says. Of Manning, she adds: ÒI think he has paid enough penalty already. HeÕs been in prison for 1,000 days. I havenÕt seen any casualties for what he did. The people that É are responsible for the war crimes É in the ÔCollateral MurderÕ Ñ none of them have been held accountable, for example.Ó