Euro Neuro Episode February 20, 2024

Best Eurovision Ever (PART 2) & ESC2009

5:59pm - 6:53pm

In the sixteenth episode of Euro Neuro, there is the second part of the two-part recap of Eurovision Song Contest 2009, which is the best edition of the contest, together with the implications of political and social events of the time on the stage of the Eurovision.

Track Listing:

Merhaba Eurovision
Erdal Bakkal ve Ciraklari · N/A
It's My Time
Jade Ewen · It's My Time
Et S'il Fallait Le Faire
Patricia Kaas · Kabaret
Bistra Voda
Regina · Vrijeme Je
La Voix
Malena Ernman · La Voix Du Nord
Todas as Ruas do Amor
Flor-de-Lis · Signo Solar
Marko Kon & Milaan · Milan Nikoli? & Balkan Beat Orchestra
Aven Romale · Aven Romale