End Of The World News Episode September 25, 2014

Broadcast on 25-Sep-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren and Grahame discuss his latest dispatch, direct from Toronto following more Ford Nation drama. The ebola outbreak and the WHO. Ripples from the People's Climate March- from NYC to Vancity. David Suzuki's campaign to change our Constitution... and more!

Track List:

DRIP 133 - sól mjólkur ft. kid hnrk (there you were)
Sauly - Valentine (Mimm Collective)
nosleep. - swrve (Single)
Om Unit - The Road (feat. Charlie Dark)
Klimeks - Shards (Single)
Telescope Thieves - Perfect Bae. (SubtlColours Reshuffle)
Soulular - Grid Pattern (Single)
Jacques Greene - No Excuse (Yung Gud Remix)
Boards of Canada - Olson vs. MJ (Taal Mla Edit)
Eli Muro - Orphan's Son (ft. Meghan Eliza)
Rook Milo - Bodyroll (MMVIII EP)
Obeson - Give Me All Your Love (to be released)
Atu ft. Sango - The Duo (Bear Face Remix)
Tulpa - Fine Lines /// One Time (Single)

Track Listing:

sól mjólkur ft. kid hnrk
DRIP 133 · there you were
Sauly · Mimm Collective
nosleep. · Single
The Road
Om Unit · feat. Charlie Dark
Klimeks · Single
Perfect Bae.
Telescope Thieves · SubtlColours Reshuffle
Grid Pattern
Soulular · Single
No Excuse
Jacques Greene · Yung Gud Remix
Olson vs. MJ
Boards of Canada · Taal Mla Edit
Orphan's Son
Eli Muro · ft. Meghan Eliza
Rook Milo · MMVIII EP
Give Me All Your Love
Obeson · to be released
The Duo
Atu ft. Sango · Bear Face Remix
Fine Lines /// One Time
Tulpa · Single