End Of The World News Episode September 11, 2014

Broadcast on 11-Sep-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren chats about Scottish Referendum, Brazil's new Third Way, Sugar Taxes , A Huge Peace Rally you probably (sadly) haven't heard about , and sheds some light on the landmark Tsilhqot'in Supreme Court Decision .

Track List :

Disruptor - Moon (Hang drum solo)
Jesse Bru - Make the cut (Let Them Walk ) (Soundcloud)
Phaeleh - Make You Feel (Single)
Lil Spook - Without You (Hypha Edit)
King - Feel Me (Single)
Thomas White & Kid Bassline - Position (Cleindl Remix)
Vandettas - Drop of Fire (Single Soundcloud)
Shashu - Wu-Tang Forever (Drake)
GVN$ - Ritmo (Single Soundcloud)
Groundislava - October Acid (Frozen Throne)
Nicholas Jaar - Variations (Brent AATactic Moombathom Edit)
Star.One Feat. Doctor - Never Give Up (Elements Mixtape)

Track Listing:

Disruptor · Hang drum solo
Make the cut (Let Them Walk )
Jesse Bru · Soundcloud
Make You Feel
Phaeleh · Single
Without You
Lil Spook · Hypha Edit
Feel Me
King · Single
Thomas White & Kid Bassline · Cleindl Remix
Drop of Fire
Vandettas · Single Soundcloud
Wu-Tang Forever
Shashu · Drake
GVN$ · Single Soundcloud
October Acid
Groundislava · Frozen Throne
Nicholas Jaar · Brent AATactic Moombathom Edit
Never Give Up
Star.One Feat. Doctor · Elements Mixtape