End Of The World News Episode September 4, 2014

Broadcast on 04-Sep-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren discusses Gaia Theory, metamorphosis, degrowth and Piketty.

Track List :

Burial - Shell of Light (Shlomo Remix)
Bijou. - Hafmeyjan (Frequency)
SBTRKT - Gloss (Soundcloud Single)
Florence and the Machine - Addicted to Love (Diamond Saints Remix)
Gold & Youth - TIme to Kill (Digital Buffalo Remix)
Insightful - I can See (Soundcloud single)
The Cure ft Amber Noel - A Forest (Cyberoptics Remix)
Zack Sekoff Remix - Paranoid (Soundcloud Single)
Ciara - Sorry (Ekali Remix)
Natasha Kmeto - Prideless (Slope Remix)
Rihanna - The One (DJ Seko)
Van City Beats - Feels Like Lust (Soundcloud)
The Weeknd - The Morning (Dolor Remix)
Partynextdoor - Persian Rugs (D. Matthew btlgrmx remix)

Track Listing:

Shell of Light
Burial · Shlomo Remix
Bijou. · Frequency
SBTRKT · Soundcloud Single
Addicted to Love
Florence and the Machine · Diamond Saints Remix
TIme to Kill
Gold & Youth · Digital Buffalo Remix
I can See
Insightful · Soundcloud single
A Forest
The Cure ft Amber Noel · Cyberoptics Remix
Zack Sekoff Remix · Soundcloud Single
Ciara · Ekali Remix
Natasha Kmeto · Slope Remix
The One
Rihanna · DJ Seko
Feels Like Lust
Van City Beats · Soundcloud
The Morning
The Weeknd · Dolor Remix
Persian Rugs
Partynextdoor · D. Matthew btlgrmx remix