End Of The World News Episode August 7, 2014

Broadcast on 07-Aug-2014

8:00am - 9:00am

Quick summer chat about upcoming festivals

Track List

T A I L S - Everybody (Single)
Fluence. - Float (elemental)
hypha - Wee hours (Single)
Blakass - Cupzcake & Mknuckle (Single)
Numbersix Ft. Emily Spiller - Eye of the Beholder (East van Digital)
Memro - Spyglass (Spyglass/Damage EP)
Natasha Kmeto - Channel 1 (Unspeakable Volume One)
Humans - Mon Ton Ton 2 (Dron 3 Remix)
Pigeon Hole (Ciara Remix) - Stay Crunk (Single)
Heartbeat(s) - Gina (Hopeless Romantic EP)
BSMNT - Rounded (Moon Blank EP)

Track Listing:

T A I L S · Single
Fluence. · elemental
Wee hours
hypha · Single
Cupzcake & Mknuckle
Blakass · Single
Eye of the Beholder
Numbersix Ft. Emily Spiller · East van Digital
Memro · Spyglass/Damage EP
Channel 1
Natasha Kmeto · Unspeakable Volume One
Mon Ton Ton 2
Humans · Dron 3 Remix
Stay Crunk
Pigeon Hole (Ciara Remix) · Single
Heartbeat(s) · Hopeless Romantic EP
BSMNT · Moon Blank EP