End Of The World News Episode July 24, 2014

Broadcast on 24-Jul-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren and Grahame chat death penalty, Israeli-Gaza Conflict and super-disease outbreaks. PLUS, what US gun control has to do with the Northern Triangle child refugee crisis, and how Canada's courts are saving the day once more by striking down unjust and unlawful immigration law.

Track List:

Klimeks - Underwaterhearts-Depths
Shamanic Technology - Neuro Wolf-Luna Sign EP
Nog ft Huntress - Happiness-Just an Illusion EP
PS I love You - For Those Who Stay-Teen Daze Remix
Andrea - All Alone-(Tinahse accap sample)
Dream Dior - No Ordinary Thug (instrumental)-Soundcloud
Subdaio. - Shanti-Om EP
#XI - Gone From Now-Soundcloud
Need & Necessity - This Life-Original Mix
Kona & Aggz - Shaolin Monk-Dark Matter EP
Edu Imbernon - Your Rules-Suara

Track Listing:

Klimeks · Depths
Neuro Wolf
Shamanic Technology · Luna Sign EP
Nog ft Huntress · Just an Illusion EP
For Those Who Stay
PS I love You · Teen Daze Remix
All Alone
Andrea · (Tinahse accap sample)
No Ordinary Thug (instrumental)
Dream Dior · Soundcloud
Subdaio. · Om EP
Gone From Now
#XI · Soundcloud
This Life
Need & Necessity · Original Mix
Shaolin Monk
Kona & Aggz · Dark Matter EP
Your Rules
Edu Imbernon · Suara