End Of The World News Episode June 26, 2014

Broadcast on 26-Jun-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren dives into the debate, controversy, and alarm being sounded concerning Canada’s role in the fish farming experiment happening now in our coastal waters.

Track List :

AVAY - Fantasize-& Cheney Weird
Secret Club - Amen-Soundcloud
BeatFatigue - Triple Trouble-Adapted Records
Timothy Wisdom - Knockdown-Soundcloud
john holt, notorious b.i.g. - Helly cops-tosses varvez
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire-Bryx Remix
Grizmatik - My People-Soundcloud
Fe/e - Pink Haired Angel Strippers-Soundcloud
Tor - Lux-Drum Therapy
DJ Vadim - Nah Join-ft. YT
Cassie & The Cure /Uwe Heinrich Adler Mashed up Extended Mix - Close to Me & You-“Mashed Up! 2014”
Purity Ring Remix - Anxiety-Soundcloud
Drake - Hold On-Sugarpill Remix
Drake and The Dream - Shut it Down-nosleep remix

Track Listing:

AVAY · & Cheney Weird
Secret Club · Soundcloud
Triple Trouble
BeatFatigue · Adapted Records
Timothy Wisdom · Soundcloud
Helly cops
john holt, notorious b.i.g. · tosses varvez
I See Fire
Ed Sheeran · Bryx Remix
My People
Grizmatik · Soundcloud
Pink Haired Angel Strippers
Fe/e · Soundcloud
Tor · Drum Therapy
Nah Join
DJ Vadim · ft. YT
Close to Me & You
Cassie & The Cure /Uwe Heinrich Adler Mashed up Extended Mix · "Mashed Up! 2014"
Purity Ring Remix · Soundcloud
Hold On
Drake · Sugarpill Remix
Shut it Down
Drake and The Dream · nosleep remix
Who Am I
Sol Rising · Single #2