End Of The World News Episode May 22, 2014

Broadcast on 22-May-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren chats about different perspectives on Boko Haram, the missing girls and other challenges facing Nigeria. Plus, perspectives on the Polio crisis in Pakistan, Special Ops Overview, and Canada's own human rights crisis.

Track List:

Dan Bombard - Garden-Stratford Court Complilation : "Confero"
Carpe Noctem - Questions-Kid Kurse
Sophie Danai - Wish You Well-Oswey Extended Remix
Alice Russell - Hurry On Now-FKJ Remix
Humpfree Lowgart - Cardiac Espionage-Humpfree Lowgart EP
The Belle game - Wait Up for You-Stint Remix
The Fugees - Ready Or No t-Wood 'n' Soo Remix
nosleep. - Lolly-maejor ali, justin bieber, juicy j
The Code - Her-Soundcloud
Mazde - Our Chance-feat. Curt Jones
Sol Rising - You And I-Soundcloud

Track Listing:

Dan Bombard · Stratford Court Complilation : "Confero"
Carpe Noctem · Kid Kurse
Wish You Well
Sophie Danai · Oswey Extended Remix
Hurry On Now
Alice Russell · FKJ Remix
Cardiac Espionage
Humpfree Lowgart · Humpfree Lowgart EP
Wait Up for You
The Belle game · Stint Remix
Ready Or No t
The Fugees · Wood 'n' Soo Remix
nosleep. · maejor ali, justin bieber, juicy j
The Code · Soundcloud
Our Chance
Mazde · feat. Curt Jones
You And I
Sol Rising · Soundcloud