End Of The World News Episode May 15, 2014

Broadcast on 15-May-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren and Grahame chat about toxins, the plastics boom and their tiny ocean-locked offspring, and the effect on human health. How does the respiratory health of children in low-income areas of Chicago fit into the our most toxic export: tar sands oil? Tune in to find out!

Track List:

Mat the Alien - Bass Odyssey 2014 Vol 1-RhZ
Kytami - 2 Lions-DRUGZNDREAMZ remix
Subclaim - Catacombs-Forth. Smokey Crow Records
Baauer - Settle Down-Gwen Stefani
Aaliyah - Are You that Somebody-Star Ro remix
Headphone Activist - North End Nightlife-Bach - Suite No. 1 in G major Sample
The Weekend ( Ellie Golding Cover ) - High for This-Sliink X Kiff Remix
Specl.talk - Marshmellows.-Soundcloud
Tajan - Beautiful-x fwdslxsh
Sauce - FUCK DRONES-Soundcloud
Mikos Da Gawd - Ay Bay Bayliens-Soundcloud
Drake - Too Much-GXNXVS Remix feat Sampha
Sango - Pa'Mala-Soundcloud
Neon Steve - Goldstream-Free'on Steve series

Track Listing:

Bass Odyssey 2014 Vol 1
Mat the Alien · RhZ
2 Lions
Kytami · DRUGZNDREAMZ remix
Subclaim · Forth. Smokey Crow Records
Settle Down
Baauer · Gwen Stefani
YUNG HENTAI · $?K soundcloud
Are You that Somebody
Aaliyah · Star Ro remix
North End Nightlife
Headphone Activist · Bach - Suite No. 1 in G major Sample
High for This
The Weekend ( Ellie Golding Cover ) · Sliink X Kiff Remix
Specl.talk · Soundcloud
Tajan · x fwdslxsh
Sauce · Soundcloud
Ay Bay Bayliens
Mikos Da Gawd · Soundcloud
Too Much
Drake · GXNXVS Remix feat Sampha
Sango · Soundcloud
Neon Steve · Free'on Steve series